What it is:

Reflexology is the practice of using a unique pressure touch on the foot to bring about physical healing, relieve stress and promote emotional well-being.

Persons using touch to help each other feel better has been with us for centuries. Ancient Egypt, India and China all have documented evidence to suggest Reflexology was used to help alleviate pain and reduce stress.

How it works:

While you are relaxing in a comfortable chair with legs elevated, Ellie Webb, our board certified Foot Reflexologist will use her fingers and thumbs to access points on your feet that correspond to different areas of your body.

Pressing on these points will allow extra blood flow and oxygen to reach those parts, and will bring about a feeling of relaxation and calm.

There are so many reasons Reflexology is good for you. One of the best ways to explain this wonderful therapy is to offer examples of what Reflexology can do, from Ellie's perspective. Here are some results she has seen from her 11 years of experience.

Reflexology feels wonderful, and is good for you as well.