It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.

Does a day with your grandchildren wear you out? Do you see other people your age having fun and being active and you wish you could be like them?
I was in a great deal of pain. I could not walk or drive or do much of anything because of the pain. Then I came to Red Mountain Acupuncture and now I’m perfect! I can shop, do my own housework, and I can drive myself around. I am even going to the gym again. I am always amazed how well I feel at this point. I never thought I could feel this good ever again!”
— Barb P.

Sobering Facts:

The United States represents only 5% of world's population yet Americans consume 50% of the world's supply of pharmaceuticals. Compared to other wealthy nations, the USA tends to score lowest on health outcomes and administrative efficiency. Even with high healthcare spending, the American population is getting sicker. Pharmaceuticals are not the solution for providing a resilient and productive life.

We focus on building on what's right and correcting what needs help:

Your body has the capacity to heal itself if it has what it needs. Proper rest, exercise and quality foods are the basic needs to live well.  But often, this is not enough and help is needed.

We use a combination of acupuncture, light therapy, plant- & herb-based nutrition and self-care tools so that you can rely on your body's own healing capacity to feel better and to keep you resilient and vital.

Our patients report that they sleep better, have less pain, need less medication; sometimes for the first time in their lives! Their bodies are healing at a core level.

Over years of practice and thousands of patient visits, 

I have found that our bodies need whole-food, plant- and herbal-based nutritional support to heal. I include Nutritional Functional Wellness, infrared and low-level light therapy in addition to my acupuncture treatments because it works: my patients feel better faster and need less acupuncture to maintain the improvements they have made.

We are experts in vitality and resilience care:

We have created thousands of customized treatment protocols for people over 50. We carefully evaluate each patient and we listen to what you have been going through. We provide you with solutions that will make you feel empowered, in control and confident about the future.

HOLISTIC HEALTH - The Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

We don't just put you in a box with a diagnosis or label you based on your issues.  We see you as a precious fellow human being and we listen to you. We use a compassionate approach while providing safe and gentle therapies and self-care tools. Healing comes from self-love and nourishment and we support you on this journey towards well-being.

ACUPUNCTURE - Beyond Needles

Patient comfort is very important to us. If you can't relax, then the treatment will not be as effective. We offer hygienically laundered sheets, a selection of head pillows and begin your session with an essential oil infused hot towel a your feet. Depending on your preference, we may not use needles, but a painless device to replicate the needle stimulation. We may also add infrared light and low level light therapy (Celluma), gua sha or cupping, if indicated.

PLANT- & HERB-BASED SUPPLEMENTS - Discerning Expertise

We practice Natural Functional Wellness and use only products available exclusively to healthcare professionals. In some instances, we have even personally seen the harvest and production processes. We also blend custom Chinese herbal tinctures in house.

  • 8 Acupuncture Sessions
  • Customized Nutritional Protocol (up to 2)
  • Custom Chinese Herbal Tincture (up to 2)
  • Supplement Review
  • Video Support
  • Email Check-Ins


3 payments of $339