Muscle Pain

So reading muscle pain…do you think about a hard workout or a long day doing yard work? I am talking about a different muscle pain, called rhabdomyolysis. This is extreme muscle inflammation and damage where muscles release proteins into the blood that can collect in the kidneys. It is an extremely rare side effect associated with people taking statins. An example of statin is Lipitor and it is used to lower cholesterol and heart disease risk.

During my years in practice, I have seen several people with severe muscle pain, unresponsive to acupuncture. We then discovered that they had recently been placed on statins…once the prescription was changed, the muscle pain subsided.

If you get a cholesterol lowering prescription, please let your MD know if you develop muscle pain. You may also be able to take the statin every other day and take CoQ10 on the other days, because CoQ10 gets depleted by statins. In any case, check with your MD first.