Foot Prints--5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

There was an interesting study done at a leading research facility recently. It showed that regular exercise, even just walking three times weekly, can reduce brain age by up to ten years! How else can we use our daily living to keep our brain younger and functioning at its best?

1. Exercising, including walking, can show gains in memory and processing of information. No need to go to the gym if you don't want to; just get out there and walk!

2. Eating fish, walnuts, whole grains, and legumes at least 3 times weekly can improve brain nerve function.

3. Ease stress by having a glass of wine, having a really good laugh, and meditating . This reduces the effect of cortisol, which is a stress hormones that releases when we are overly anxious.

4. Stay social by playing cards with friends, joining a community organization, or going out to eat with friends or family. Conversation stimulates memories and helps creativity.

5. Learn something new by looking around you and seeing what "makes your heart sing" and become better at it. Maybe a musical instrument, a paintbrush, or even crossword puzzles can inspire!

A self-help Reflexology technique is to place your fingertips together and press against each one for a count of ten, then release and repeat three times. This stimulates the reflexes to the brain and can bring about clearer and calmer thinking.


Happy Reflexing!