The Best Medicine Is Free

We often forget that our bodies are designed to feel great.  Our bodies are amazing machines! Think about it, just while reading these words, the body is continually adjusting blood chemistry, regulating our respiratory rate and moving tiny muscles in our eyes.

To keep our bodies functioning well, we need to pay attention to a few basics...and these are free. No pills or treatments needed!

WATER: divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces of purified or spring water each day.

AIR: notice your breathing patterns during the day? Is it shallow? Or do you take deep breaths? Pause and inhale counting to 4 and exhale counting to 8 and repeat a few times during the day.

SLEEP: don't miss more than 2-3 nights without adequate sleep.  It's during sleep time that your body repairs and heals.

FUN: laughter strengthens the immune system. When is the last time you laughed?

PASSION: do you have things you absolutely love doing? Do you do those enough, at least once a day?  Healing happens when you do things that you love!

EXERCISE: your body is designed for movement.  Your lymphatic and circulatory system depend on it!

POSTURE: remember that correct posture helps your nervous system and spine and regulates your digestion.  Claim your space in this world!

ELIMINATION: Your bowels should move at least twice a day.  This is similar to taking out the garbage.  Drink water, exercise and eat well to help eliminate toxins in your body.