Go With The Flow

I am having an interesting week. I am at a professional conference with over 2100 members. There was a big merger between several companies and this is the first time everyone has been together at one event.

I decided to make this event a social experiment for me. I am learning a method of Reflexology that helps someone let go of past traumas in order to achieve peace and balance in their current everyday life. The theory states, partially and to paraphrase, that if we all are happier within ourselves, letting go of the past, our interactions with others will improve, and the state of the world, as well as ourselves, will be in better balance and peace.

I know many of the members at this conference, and I watched the interactions between them. Some members are happy about the merger, and I know these people to be happy in their everyday lives as well. There are many who do not feel comfortable with these changes; "change is so hard" was a comment I heard more than once. I also know that some of these members are having difficulties with business or family. These people became very defensive when the merger was discussed, and I could feel them, and almost "see" them shrink into themselves whenever they were part of the conversation. So they either lashed out, or became very quiet. This flow of conversation would change with each sentence one or the other would say.

This is a natural flow of energy, and not always a healthy one.  We all need to strive to have better balance in our lives so we can function better with others, make our point known without shame or discomfort, and be a willing participant in all the twists and turns life has to offer.

It is well known that Reflexology helps put the body back into a natural balance. I wish I could have lined all these people up and given them a nice Reflexology session. I bet the energy in the room would have been much different!

If ever you feel like you want to express yourself more effectively, please take a few minutes to give yourself a nice Hand Reflexology session, even for just a few minutes, to relax and get into better balance.

Happy Reflexing

Foot Prints - Where There's Smoke....


If you are like most people, you probably tend to measure your level of health by whether or not you are sick. If you have obvious symptoms, you consider yourself unhealthy. Once those symptoms are gone, you feel "healthy" again.

That is not always the case. Symptoms are not meant to be a barometer of health. When a roast burns in the oven, you don't smell the smoke until after the meat has been charred. In other words, the illness occurred first, and the damage is starting to be done even before symptoms occur. Making the symptoms go away, like opening the window to let the smoke out, does not make the damage to the roast any less.

Also, the way you feel might change from day to day, but your underlying level of health is pretty stable. So it is not really correct to think you can go from healthy to unhealthy and back again in just a very short period of time.

Health should not be defined as "sick" or "not sick". Health is a state of optimum physical functioning, spiritual contentment, social well-being and mental aptitude.

Your body was designed to be healthy and in balance. This is its natural state . If you are struggling with your health, you most likely, throughout the course of living, allowed your body to get out of balance. Regular Reflexology sessions work with your body to return it to its natural state of balance so it can heal from the inside out.

Happy Reflexing for Better Health!