Foot Prints - Reflexology and Addiction


Sometimes, in order to face the daily stresses and complications we all encounter, we turn to comfort where we can find it. Alcohol, smoking, binge eating, and so on, can provide immediate comfort, but can lead to worse problems later on.

Reflexology provides a safe and positive alternative to addictions. A Reflexology session can dissolve tension and replace it with a deep relaxation, and a calm, soothing feeling. As our body relaxes during a session, natural healing processes can begin. Reflexology methods are used to help recover from hangovers and headaches, as well as calm the frustration and tension of withdrawal symptoms.

One way we can help ourselves during periods of stress is to do some self-Reflexology on our own ears. Start at the top of the ear, working the area with thumb and forefinger for about 2 minutes. Then begin to work down the ear in very small increments, spending 1-2 minutes on each area. Within 10 minutes you should feel a calming and relaxing feeling come over you. Enjoy it!

This relaxation technique can be repeated as often as you would like.

There is hope. Happy Reflexing!

~ Ellie