Foot Prints- Why Do I Do This?

Foot Prints-Why do I do this?

I have that question posed to me very frequently. Why do I want to touch people's feet? What can that do to make that person feel better?

Reflexology feels very good, but it is much more than a foot massage. It is wonderful for preventive care, or used in response to health challenges. Reflexology supports balance and comfort and healing.

Our bodies are amazing at being able to adapt to physical, mental and emotional challenges continuously. All our systems work together to create the adjustments needed for better health. Reflexology helps these systems be at their top performance.

My past career in Nursing helps me to "listen" to what my clients are telling me, either verbally or by touching their feet to feel where the reflexes are out of balance. "The feet don't lie" is a common Reflexologist's comment, and feeling the reflexes of the feet give us the best indication of what is out of balance and the best way to correct it.

Get some Reflexology soon. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Reflexing!