Foot Prints - Touch


Touch is a silent language; one of connecting with one another. It is such a powerful message, and is taken for granted sometimes.

There are emotions and intentions involved with touch. Love can be communicated, also empathy and tenderness.

Touch is our first language. Infants are influenced by touch from mother and father and family. As we all grow and mature, touch remains important so that we feel we are acknowledged and recognized.

When therapists touch their clients, there is an implied trust between the two. Therapists are trained to touch  clients in a manner that is suitable to their particular profession, to afford the best results. A good therapist is honed in on her client, to "hear" what the body needs through the message of touch.

Touch is innately healing to human beings. It is an important way to know we belong. Touch is therapeutic and has the potential to nourish our bodies and souls.

Happy Reflexology Touches!