What Do I Need To Do After I Get Acupuncture?

Here is a good reminder on how to reap the greatest benefit from your acupuncture session:

REST: Go easy on yourself. No strenuous workout or long runs. Resting allows the physical and emotional restoration, that Acupuncture sets in motion, to continue.

USE HEAT: From an Acupuncture perspective, many painful conditions are caused by stagnation. These stagnant blockages can cause pain. Acupuncture opens these channels, causing the flow of the body to improve, enhancing the healing process.

AVOID ALCOHOL AND COFFEE: These drinks may cause dehydration, and it is very important to stay hydrated following an Acupuncture session, so the toxins released during the session can be properly flushed.

TURN OFF THE NEWS: Let you mind relax and become clear and calm. The longer you stay away from the noise of the overstimulated world around you, the longer your "Acu-Bliss" will last.

EAT GOOD FOOD: Imagine the foods that would make you feel nourished and health, and eat them.