Help for Headaches!


With the monsoon season being pretty active here in the valley, we see lots of clients with headache issues. Tension is one of the most simple causes for headaches, but sinus pressure can also be a contributor.  

A Danish study in 1997 concluded that Reflexology helped ease headaches. The study participants felt in more control of their bodies, by being able to work on the lessening of headaches, instead of just living with them. 

Different Reflexology techniques are used, depending on the area of the headache. For instance, for a headache at the top of the head, the area on the hand that should be worked is the first segment of each of the digits. These are the reflexes for the head. Just use your thumbs and fingers and press on those areas. When a sore area is discovered, press firmly on that area for about ten seconds. Then move along to all the areas of the head reflexes, spending extra time on the sore spots. 

If a headache occurs on the side of the head, use your thumb and fingers to work on either side of the thumb. This will balance the reflexes on the side of the head. 

Whenever you are through with your self-help session of Reflexology, be sure to treat yourself with an overall gentle massage with lotion on both hands. Pay special attention to the areas between the fingers, to be sure all the reflexes of the head are addressed. 

Happy Reflexing!