Foot Prints-How does Reflexology Work?


That is a great question. Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex pathways on the hands, feet and ears that connect to all the organs and glands in the body. By applying pressure to these points, the blockages that may be present, preventing the pathways from flowing, become opened, so oxygen, blood and energy can reach these organs and glands. The body is brought to a state of balance and flow.

Reflexology has so many benefits, but the main benefit is that of reducing stress , tension and anxiety. It can also improve emotional balances. Much research has been done establishing a strong link between emotions and physical symptoms. Enabling the body to relax and release the toxins that weaken the immune system will help to bring about a reduction of symptoms, thereby improving health.

Think back to how you feel after a vacation. Relaxed, healthier and ready to face the world. Be sure to take the time to bring that feeling back again,  after returning to work and all the daily issues that keep us so busy. 

Barefoot walking is a great way to stimulate many of the reflexes on the feet. Walk briskly, swinging the arms in rhythm. This simple exercise will bring about better oxygen and blood flow to the whole body, and is also a great stress reducer.

Reflexology is a gift everyone should receive. It is an ancient art and the effects are almost magical. When the pathways are opened and energy can flow, it is a wonderful feeling. You will be amazed!

Happy Reflexing!