Foot Prints- The Power of Pets

It has been so interesting at our clinic lately. There are some pets who have come into our lives! Some of our patients have brought their pets in for a visit, and I even brought my lovely Golden Retriever, Ed, in for some play with some of our patients. We are starting to offer cold laser sessions for pets, as well as some energy work to help with inflammation. This got me thinking about the importance of pets in our everyday lives. 

Pets understand how you are feeling. Have you noticed that? Coming home from a long day at work, they are there to greet you, follow you around the house, and just so happy to have you close to them. They are there to listen to all your woes, and they also listen when you have wonderful news! You can almost see them smile when you tell them about what a great day you had. How important that is for us! Somewhere there is a saying that we should be more like our family dogs. Eat good food, get lots of rest, play whenever you can, and enjoy rides in the car whenever possible! What great advice! 

If you want to really make your pet feel wonderful, there are some excellent reflexology points you can easily do for them. Softly massaging the whiskered area of a pet is wonderful for relaxing them. Also, anywhere behind their ears is very good for stimulating the circulation in that area. The very base of the tail, where tail meets body, needs to be worked and massaged for a minute or so. This will bring about a sense of calm and balance to the pet. 

The benefit of doing these small things for our furry friends means that you are taking a few minutes out of your busy day to make someone else feel better, which is so good for you! 

Happy Reflexing!