Avoiding Toxins in Your Daily Life


There are toxins in our everyday lives that can inhibit health. So many allergies and joint pain and headaches are caused by environmental issues that we can easily change and thereby enjoy healthier  days. Trying just a few of these can make a big difference! 

- Buy hormone-free and antibiotic free meats and dairy products

- Store food and heat food in glass containers instead of plastic

- Drink water out of glass containers instead of plastic water bottles

- Avoid fragrances and remember that unscented is not fragrance free. Become very good at reading labels. 

- Eat wild caught fish.  

Reflexology helps remove toxins from our bodies by improving lymphatic flow, which is a natural filter.

The lymph nodes are found just under the skin, and you can softly massage the areas behind your ears, in the front area of your neck, and in the spaces above your collarbone on either side. This simple movement will help the lymph move throughout , carrying toxins from your liver and other organs and tissues. Also, it is great to use your golf ball technique on your hands and feet to improve blood and lymph flow. 

Such simple things can make such a big difference! 

Happy Reflexing!