Better Health at Your Fingertips


Our hands occupy a very special place in our lives...they are used to perform simple tasks as well as intricate functions. They have a unique relationship with our bodies, and therefore they provide a unique opportunity to address health concerns.

Our hands link into our stress mechanisms. Think about wringing your hands during a stressful time. It is a natural thing to do, in order to ease the tension of the moment. Hands are integral to our survival responses, ready whenever needed! 

Hand Reflexology offers a simple but important approach to better health. Our hands are always available and within our reach. They are there when we hug someone, and provide comfort with a touch or a pat of reassurance. With a little more focus, these touches can provide the opportunity to help our bodies' own healing powers through hand reflexology techniques. 

Reflexology provides the chance to touch, ease, calm, relax, and relate. The benefits of hand Reflexology are diverse; those of us who work with our hands doing intricate work need to stretch them out and relax at the end of the day. Athletes need to recover after a tough competition. Musicians  need the stretches and exercises to perform to the best of their ability. The clear message is that, with Reflexology, we can make a difference in our health.

Create Reflexology opportunities at home, at work, and when out and about during the day. Using simple techniques to relax the hands will provide relaxation for our whole body.

One simple technique is to drum the fingers on a flat surface. Cup the hand slightly, and drum the fingers, starting with the little finger, and then the other digits, in turn. Once that is done, extend all the fingers as far as they can go, getting a great stretch. Holding a golf ball in the hand and rolling it, cupping it, gripping it and pressing it are all wonderful Reflexology exercises.

Happy Reflexing!