Foot Prints--The power of touch in a touch-deprived world.


Despite growing evidence that human touch is beneficial to our health, Americans are among the most touch-deprived people in the world. It is time for that to change. Reflexology can provide a comforting sense of human touch, in addition to bringing about a state of calm and balance. 

The lack of touch in our high-tech medical system reflects a social problem that has only recently started to get some attention--- touch deprivation. Though there is growing evidence that skin-to-skin contact is beneficial to human health, the social norms of this country Inhibit this most basic form of human interaction and communication.

When a Foot Reflexology session is performed, the Reflexologist  touches the feet in a nurturing and non-threatening manner. Gentle pressure is applied and trust grows between the client and Reflexologist. Sometimes conversation occurs, and sometimes silence is maintained. It is up to the client to decide the nature of the session.

How wonderful that this type of person-to-person interaction can occur without anyone feeling uncomfortable. It is such a beneficial treatment to promote overall health.

Please take some time to find a Reflexologist who makes you comfortable, who truly cares about your health, and who can provide that wonderful feeling of TOUCH.

Happy Reflexing!