Foot Prints.....Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a sensational, dynamic, yet simple approach to better health. There is no special equipment involved, no medication and no negative side effects. Through Foot Reflexology you can help eliminate symptoms of sickness and pain from virtually every part of your body. It is safe and easy to use, and it feels wonderful!

There are energy "circuits" in our bodies that connect to all the glands and organs. These circuits have reflex points in the hands, feet and ears that react in a positive manner when pressure is applied to them. These reflex points send a healing force to all parts of the body by opening up the closed "circuits". Reflexology gets to the cause of a problem in the body by restoring the energy flow to the body's many different systems and functions!

Did you know that Foot Reflexology can help with migraine headaches? Headaches occur for many reasons. When using Reflexology, pressure is applied on the feet to the reflexes corresponding to the part of the body that is causing the pain. Applying Reflexology to both feet, even if the headache is only on one side of the head, enables the body to heal all the areas that are affected by the headache.

If you experience a headache, look to your thumbs! With the thumb of the opposite hand,start pressing on the center of the pad of the other thumb. Feel for a sore or tender spot. Once you find the 'ouch' spot, massage it for a minute or so, or until the headache dissipates. It really works! Always keep Reflexology in mind as a source of relief from discomfort due to many ailments.

Happy Reflexing!