Foot Prints-Water, water everywhere

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We all know that we need oxygen and water to live. We cannot live more than a few days without water, and no more than a few minutes without air. Our body's living cells need both water and oxygen to function. 

Our body is 70 percent water. It is the most abundant substance of our being. All our body's systems need water to function properly, including the kidneys to flush wastes, and by the blood to help carry nutrients and oxygen to all our cells so we will be able to maintain beautiful hair and soft skin. Muscles must have fluids or they will become weaker. 

When our body has a shortage of water, the blood draws it from the tissues and cells, and dehydration takes place. When this happens, the body's performance suffers. As our weather gets warmer and warmer, it will be easier to remember to drink more cool, clear water. 

Reflexology aids nature in cleaning the body of toxins and impurities through the elimination of liquid wastes, as it balances and revitalizes the whole system. 

When you are getting ready to have a Reflexology session with a practitioner, or doing your own hand Reflexology , be sure to drink at least 2 glasses of cool water prior to the session. This helps all the tissues get hydrated and prepared to receive the benefit of a rewarding session.


Happy Reflexing!