Foot Prints----Let It Go!

Wouldn't we all like to feel lighter in our everyday life? Not to bring ourselves down by reading newspaper headlines and listening to all the  sensational information that surrounds us.

Here are some really healthy things you can do to Let It Go:

Say goodbye to the toxic people in your life. No more regrets about past mistakes. No more need to be "right" all the time. No feeling sorry for yourself.

Negative self-talk contributes to negative feelings. There is no need to impress others. No more limiting beliefs. No need to please everyone all the time. And do not worry about future events over which you have no control anyway.

There. Don't you feel better already? Be sure to use your Reflexology golf ball technique to stimulate all the reflexes in the organs and glands of your body. Keeping the "flow" open will help clear your mind and let the positive energy come in.

You can control your health!

Happy Reflexing!