Foot Prints April 20 2016

How do you De-Stress?

This is such an important question. It gets asked frequently by a good practitioner, because having your body de-stress is so very important on your road to better health. Here are some answers from some real people, to help give you some ideas :

1. I get outside as much as I can. Just looking at my garden makes me feel better.

2. I use essential oils. Lavender and other calming oils really do help.

3. I do crafts whenever I have a few minutes. Also listening to some soothing music while I do my crafts really helps.

4. Exercise works for me. Sometimes just a walk, sometimes a visit to the gym, sometimes yoga. But always something.

5. I just began adult coloring! It is fun and relaxing.

6. My pets really help me keep the stress levels down.

Find your own way to take a few minutes in your busy day. Put some nice lotion or oil on your hands and gently wring them. This activates lots of reflex areas and brings about a state of calm.