Your First Acupuncture Appointment

What to expect for the first appointment?

When you first come to our clinic, take a deep breath!  Turn off your phone, have a cup of tea and let the healing begin.

We will have your paperwork ready for you to fill out (or we can email it to you for you to print out at home and bring it). Expect to bring a list of your current medications and supplements that you are taking.  Also, have light snack and some water before coming.  We also recommend to wear comfortable clothing (you can bring a change of clothes).

Once you meet with our acupuncture practitioner, you will spend some time talking about your past and current medical history, existing conditions and lifestyle and, your health goals.

Have you thought about whether you are looking to fixing a specific problem? Or maybe you are ready to take your overall health to a new level of wellbeing?

During your first appointment, the acupuncturist will examine your tongue and the pulses on both your wrists. Did you know that there are 12 pulse positions on each wrist and each position corresponds to a specific meridian and organ? Your tongue reflects the general health of your organs and will be checked for color, shape, cracks and coating. The acupuncturist will also perform digital meridian imaging, called Acugraph to see which acupuncture meridians are blocked and out of balance. In addition to the traditional tongue and pulse analysis, this is an another way to assess your overall health.

After all your questions have been answered and the acupuncturist has reviewed your information, you will be ready for your first acupuncture session in our comfortable gravity chair, followed by a foot reflexology session in our Rose Quartz Room.