What To Do When It Doesn't Work

Well, what am I talking about here? ED aka erectile dysfunction. This is a quite common problem and its causes are often due to prostate surgery or, very often, related to cardiovascular issues.

In particular, I hear often from patients that all of a sudden there is a “problem” and we often discover that it is due to a recently added medication to help with blood pressure issues and/or blood coagulation.

The good thing is that the medications are working because they’re accomplishing their job: reducing the blood pressure in the blood vessels by causing more relaxed vascular tone. Unfortunately, this is reflected in ALL areas of the body.

If this is happening to you or someone you know, talk to the prescribing physicians and find out if lifestyle changes, such as a whole-foods based diet, lower salt intake, more exercise and better sleep can help with reducing blood pressure with less medications.

If this hasn’t worked or it is not an option, acupuncture has had some success invigorating sexual organs. Often some nutritional supplements or herbs can help as well, but this has to be carefully evaluated by a qualified healthcare practitioner.