The 3 Most Basic Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation has shown to be the cause of many degenerative diseases – starting from red, rheumatic fingers to stiff blood vessels causing heart attacks!

Inflammation can be good for you – if it’s for an acute condition: for example, if you cut your finger, you’ll notice that your body will stop bleeding and the wound feels red and warm. This is an acute inflammatory response where your body activates its own healing mechanism. How awesome is that there is an intelligent design which knows what to do so that you don’t continue bleeding, the wound closes and starts to heal over time.

If inflammation continues for a prolonged period of time, then your own body keeps on fighting itself. During this process, your body uses up precious resources and can even attack its own cells, by becoming overzealous. Chronic inflammation can last for years, under “the surface” and it may manifest only in terms of symptoms related to chronic and degenerative diseases

Your body knows exactly what to do, and we can help reduce chronic inflammation by applying these three most basic rules:

1) Drink water. It is so important to stay hydrated. Your body is mostly made out of water and nourishing it with good, clean water is key to allow all the body’s metabolic systems to run well. Our municipal water in Mesa is not the best tasting (it also has quite some chemicals in it), so getting your water from other sources is a good idea.

2) Reduce or eliminate sugar. This is actually quite tricky. I’m not just talking about sodas and sweets here. Sugars can lurk in many foods, especially processed foods. You could almost call this tip # 2: Reduce/eliminate processed foods!

3) Get rest. A good night’s sleep is imperative for good health. Far too many of us, struggle with falling sleep, staying asleep and actually waking up refreshed. A good diet, reduced amounts of caffeinated food, tips # 1 and #2 will help you get there.

In our next blog, we’ll go a bit more into details….until then, drink up, eat well and get a good night’s sleep.