Inflammation Be Gone!

As we talked about in our last post, inflammation can be good – short time, but in the long time, running “below the surface”, inflammation may be the cause for many degenerative diseases.

Before your body responds with symptoms of some degenerative disease, take charge and make a few lifestyle changes to prevent or delay this process!

Last time we talked about the top 3 tips to reduce inflammation: Water – Nutrition – Sleep.

Easier said then done, right? Let’s get into more details this time:

Water: it is important to stay hydrated and in Arizona, especially during winter times, it is easy to forget to drink plenty of water. Get out a large container of water and place it where you can see it during the to remember to finish drinking it up by the end of the day. Or, use a time every few hours to remind you to drink some water. If your diet consists of meats and processed foods, consider drinking water that counteracts that acidity: buy some water with a pH higher than 7.5. Or, add our homeopathic drops Rehydration and Spectra-Min to helps absorb water and replenish minerals and trace-minerals with every sip you drink – ask us about these drops to be added to your water at home at your next visit.

Nutrition: we talked about avoiding processed foods and sugar of all kinds. A great way to give your body a break from an “inflammatory diet” is to go mostly vegetarian for a few weeks: an easy way to do that is to start juicing vegetables and supplement them with nuts, seeds, lentils and clean protein powder, such as our SP Complete, and have just an occasional grass-fed beef broth. This is a great way to see how your body starts healing almost immediately, given the right nutrients. We can guide you along for a 21-day Purification Program. A note here on fruits: they taste great and they DO have sugar.  Some people have to even eliminate fruits completely to allow their body to reduce inflammation in their joints and all over their body.  If you are sensitive to sugar, the safest ones are berries as their glycemic index is low.

Sleep: chances are that following our recommendations for water and nutrition, you notice an improvement in your quality of sleep.  There are many reasons why your sleep may be interrupted, or you tend to wake up at the same time.  During our Digital Acupuncture Meridian Analysis (Acugraph) we can often pinpoint which organ meridian needs balancing and that’s why often sleep is greatly enhanced after an acupuncture and reflexology session. Make sure to follow a routine, keep your bedroom dark and quiet, and snack on some peanut butter and celery or a few raw unsalted nuts before sleeping.  Your last meal should be at least 3 hours before bedtime.  Also, with all that water intake, make sure to drink most of it before late afternoon.

More help: we have had great success with our “Anti-Inflammation” Package where we combine foot reflexology and ear acupuncture.  During this session, Natascha addresses specific ear points to counteract inflammation and pain in your body, while Ellie, our foot reflexologist, works on an anti-inflammatory protocol on your feet.