Foot Prints

What is reflexology?  We are asked this question quite frequently.  The answer is complex.  The clinical answer talks about the principle of having reflex points on the feet that correspond to different areas of the body, and how about applying pressure to those reflex points will bring about a balance in the body’s processes.

At our clinic, we personalize our service to each individual’s needs.

Reflexology is really about touch.  People do not touch as much as we should.  Our electronic world makes it easy to conduct business and conversations and even visits with our doctors without having to be touched at all.  Reflexology allows touch between two people: this is what makes it very powerful!

Reflexology is also about trust.  When a client’s feet are bared to receive a Reflexology session, they trust the practitioner to treat them gently and with an intention of helping the body heal. The bottom of the feet are “yin”, which can make them vulnerable and very acceptable to healing touch.

Reflexology is about hope. Goals, such as pain reduction, or personal goals, are discussed during a session, and at the outcome of the session and at follow up sessions, the therapist and client review how far they have come to reaching those goals.

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