Chronic Diseases and Acupuncture

Many of my patients suffer from Chronic Diseases – chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, hypertension and so on. These conditions didn’t just appear overnight, but are often the result of the body’s constitutional weaknesses in combination with environmental factors and various stressors.

All acupuncture treatments are personalized and that is why I spend time with my patients to discuss their particular condition. The acupuncture point prescription always includes points to deal with the “chief complaint” or main symptom that bothers the patient. In addition, I choose acupuncture points that correct and support the patient’s unique constitution.

Very often I include the point called Zu San Li – Stomach 36. Translated, it means 3-Mile-Leg and this acupuncture point has the history of being used as a point to strengthen the body so much that a person could walk an extra three miles at the end of a day’s walking. The Three Leg Mile acupuncture point in Chinese medical terminology has the function of improving spleen function, with a multitude of benefits relating to digestive, metabolic and immune processes.

Stomach 36 is located below your kneecap, on the outside about 4 fingers below and just outside of your shinbone.