Shine On - Pain


You might be thinking...Pain? Why would I want to put the spotlight on Pain?

Yes, we do not want to feel pain.  Have you ever thought about how much effort we place on avoiding any type of pain? Did you know that Americans consume 80% of the ENTIRE GLOBAL supply of prescription painkillers?

Pain is actually a quite marvelous thing: it helps us to avoid more serious injury and it is somewhat similar to the "check engine" light in our cars.  Now, usually we try to get to the dealer or repair shop as soon as we notice a light coming on.  We know that if we don't take care of it right away, some major problems can incur and the repair bill can end up astronomical...or we might even need a new car.

As humans, we often get really annoyed at the pain.  We have so many things to do, so many plans. Sometimes, we just put a "post-it" on our "check engine light", meaning the pain.  There is a tendency to seek pain relief immediately and honestly, what is the difference between taking an opoid painkiller or an herbal supplement or even getting acupuncture to "get rid of the pain"?

Pain, be it physical or mental, is a great tool for us to examine what is really going on.  Our bodies have an innate intelligence and symptoms, including pain, should cause us to slow down, observe and ponder. Literally sit down with the pain and feel it fully and deeply. Maybe even pull out a piece of paper and start writing about the pain. Where is it exactly? How does it feel? Does it move? Did I feel this pain before? Does it remind me of anything? Is there are pattern? Sit and be still with the pain.  You might get some unexpected answers! And the pain may dissolve.

Shine On!

~ Natascha