Foot Prints-Less can be more!


These days it is easy to get overwhelmed with the excitement of the season. We can push ourselves to exhaustion trying to be the perfect hosts, gift-givers, cooks, bakers, etc. No wonder we have backaches  and headaches!

For the last couple of years my family has given gifts of "experiences" rather than physical gifts: Dinners out together, concerts and shows. It has been wonderful, and we plan on continuing this new tradition!

I have also decided to forego Christmas baking. I am really not very good at it, and I feel so much lighter in my heart to just have some store-bought sweets at home for when company comes. 

I am also noticing something interesting with my clients these past couple of weeks. They are responding very well to LESS reflex points being emphasized. Just a few points, held for a longer period of time, seem to bring about a marked sense of calm and relaxation. Our body will tell us what it needs if we learn to be better listeners. 

Listen to yourself, remembering that less can sometimes be more! 

Happy Reflexing!