Shine On - Sense of Wonder


We are living in amazing times.  Never before have we been exposed to so many changing and new advancements.

I still remember a rotary phone and having to wait for an operator to place calls between Italy and Germany.  Nowadays, we can just text or SMS each other all over the globe, call each other or even have (free!) Skype, FaceTime and Viber video calls!

Not only are we connected with each other, but pictures and sound on film can expose us to many different countries, landscapes, sounds and atmospheres.

With all this connectivity and advancements it would seem that these expand our horizons. And yes, I think they do. However, I think that we have maybe lost a sense of wonder and appreciation. We can instantly look up information, get opinions, share thoughts but does this limit us as well?

What happened to our own "navigation system" - our 6th sense and knowing ourselves and what feels in alignment with who we are?

Sometimes I feel that we tend to give up our own "gut feelings" to what is written or shared or dictated by "experts". We tend to look at things and process situations from the outside in instead from the inside out. 

I believe that we are so much more than skin and bones and that each one of us has a special role to play here on this earth. We know this when we get to that place where our heart sings and we feel truly connected with ourselves and the world around us.

Keep your heart and mind open; see and feel everything with a sense of wonder!

Shine on! 

~ Natascha