Shine On - Careless Whisper

George Michael, the talented musician who just left this world a few days ago, is known for one of his songs, entitled "Careless Whisper" (a shoulder-padding, big hair, collar-up shout out to all who listened to this song in the 80s).

A careless whisper...isn't that something we do to ourselves a lot?  When you listen to your inner mind-train, what have you noticed?  Have you ever tried to write down your thoughts when you're not really thinking about a problem or a focusing on a specific task?

I know from my own experience, that  my mind can stay busy all day long thinking and creating scenarios from the past (should have...could have...), from the future (what if's...) while the present moment is no longer a present moment but a mind construct.

In my practice, I am trained to listen to the words people use. Words are powerful, as we all know and very often we say "careless whispers" to ourselves.  For example, "this xyz is killing me" or "that thing is making me sick" and other similar statements are often being said without thinking what we are literally telling ourselves.

Life is short and precious. Let us choose to fill it with beauty: in words, deeds, people and things that surround us.

Shine on!

~ Natascha