Shine On - Savior


It's Christmas season, and during the last few days I have been listening to many Christmas songs. This prompted me to write about the role of a Savior in our everyday lives (without having a religious discourse).

Stepping back and looking at your own relationships at work or at home, have you noticed the Savior?  Who is the rescuer in your relationships?

During my studies at the Unified Medicine Institute, we have discussed the role of the rescuer and savior within the context of a drama triangle.

The drama triangle represents at its angles the rescuer, the person needing to be rescued, or victim, and the perpetrator or violator.  These words seem very strong and at first we may not relate to them at all. However, at further evaluation we may realize that we often feel violated and look for a solution outside ourselves (=savior) to squash that wrong or violation.

Notice how often you may step into the role of savior for someone or how often you feel like a victim.  This drama triangle is self perpetuating into a downward spiral and the relationship centers around the "fix me" and "silver bullet" paradigm.

In contrast, the love triangle supports truth and it is empowering for all participants.  It asks the question on how we can support each other in love, understanding and wisdom.  The love triangle creates abundance in relationships as it helps to propel each other forward towards possibilities and empowerment.

So, in case you're wondering....when I see my patients, I always ask: "how can I best support you today?" but I will never ask "how can I fix this for you?"

Shine On!

~ Natascha