Foot Prints-Reflexology is Nature's Stress Reducer


In this busy season it is ever more important to take take of ourselves, so we may be able to enjoy those around us. Sometimes we may be called upon to help another person, and we want to do the best we can, so it is important to be our strongest selves. 

By now it should be a practice to use your golf ball or another Reflexology tool to stimulate all the reflexes on the feet. This helps with circulation, energy, and reduction of stress. It is also important to know the reflexes to the area of the heart. If you find yourself in a stressful situation and your heart starts pounding, you need to calm down. A Reflex workout will help with this. You will find the reflexes to your heart on your left hand. Work all the way across the palm of your hand and down around the little finger. This will help you slow your pulse down and induce relaxation. 

Taking a few minutes in our busy days to help ourselves achieve better health naturally. What a great idea! 

Happy Reflexing!