Foot Prints-Thankful!


What a time of year this is! Joyfulness abounds as we gather with loved ones to celebrate all the blessings we have. This season seems to bring about excitement and smiles from everyone we meet. Discussing plans for the big day is such fun!

In the midst of all the chaos, take some time to reflect upon the "small things" for which to be grateful. Clean, fresh air. Good food. Good health. Time to enjoy friends and family. 

Maybe tonight or tomorrow night, make yourself a cup of tea. Have your favorite lotion available. Sit in a quiet space and give yourself a lovely Hand Reflexology session, gently pressing into all the little "ouchy" spots on your hands. Be sure and go up and down all the sides of your fingers, as these are the reflexes to the head and neck, and can help soothe head and neck aches. Think about all the blessings and fun of the day. 

Happy Reflexing and Happy Thanksgiving to all!