Foot Prints-Back to Basics

2016-09-28 15.45.49.jpg

Sometimes we get so involved with all of our health care issues that we get lost in the confusion. This occurs especially if we see more than one practitioner.  Different testing and reporting may seem to be contrary to one another, and we think " who am I supposed to listen to?"  

I tell my clients to look inside themselves for the answer. There is the small voice inside all of us that helps guide us towards the correct answer for better health. Listen to that small voice. Picture what you want to achieve in your journey towards better health. By going back to the basics of what makes you feel best, the answers to your health care questions will reveal themselves to you.  

Use your golf ball to stimulate all the reflexes on the bottoms of your feet. Just a gentle rolling of the ball, connecting with all the reflexes on both feet, will be stimulating and refreshing. Take a few minutes each day. Your body wants to naturally balance itself, and this little exercise, along with listening to that small voice, will help bring about better health, naturally. 

Happy Reflexing!