Shine On - You Are Special

Last week I spent time in Golden, Colorado to learn a new technique (called Emotional Center Point Release) to provide an additional tool for my patients to help them address the cause of chronic disease conditions.

When we examine at what causes disease, we get different answers.  From a conventional perspective, it is often due to outside forces (environmental toxins, germs, etc) and weakened immune system. From a Chinese medical perspective, all disease comes from an interruption of Qi or life force in the body with an underlying constitutional makeup that reinforces this interruption. Generally speaking, from a holistic perspective, disease comes from a disconnect between mind and body and again from an interruption of the proper flow of processes in the body.

Emotional upset plays a big part in causing "kinks" in the flow. This emotional aspect is very individual - in the same situation, one person may not be affected but another person, could find be experience traumatic and life-changing.  Often, unexpressed emotions can cause chronic disease over time.

Our first emotional upsets can manifest when we are very young and we may continue to associate negative feelings with certain situations. This then forms a grid of thought patterns on which we base our future reaction to events. This creates the so-called "push buttons" reaction; I think we all know about those.

During the training, we realized that certain patterns are common to all of us and that there are wonderful tools to help restore the flow.  We all seem to think so much less of ourselves and tend to criticize ourselves; however with proper guidance and self-reflection we can manage negativity and re-experience living fully.

The truth is: we are all here to make this world a better place.  You are truly special!  Focus on what makes your heart sing, keep that feeling in your heart and you will change the world.

Shine On!

~ Natascha