Foot Prints-Practical Points


Feet and hands hold a unique and special place in the human experience. This first time a newborn is held, fingers and toes are inspected and kissed and reflected upon. What joy! 

Our feet and hands allow us to move, grasp, and hold. Bodywork that deals with the hands and feet has most likely been present from the beginning of humankind. Reflexology represents one form of this expression.

Reflexology is not a massage. Massage is the palpation of soft tissue and muscle, whereas Reflexology is the stimulation of reflex pathways. Each reflex point corresponds to an area of the body. When stimulated by pressure, a response occurs, in the form of renewed oxygen, blood flow and energy to that part of the body. Reflexology requires specific knowledge of the feet and hands, including the biomechanics of movement and touch. The techniques and the specific procedures of Reflexology are a complete and wonderful as massage, yet they are very different.

The function and benefits of Reflexology and Massage are often similar. Certain techniques are used by a qualified Reflexologist that bring about a balance and calm to the body, thereby helping to achieve better health, naturally!

Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Reflexologists worldwide, Reflexology holds a serious place in integrative health.  

Take advantage of the knowledge and resources of a qualified Reflexologist. Your body, mind, spirit and soul will thank you! 

Happy Reflexing!