Shine On - Oneness

When I first heard of oneness, I thought it was just a airy-fairy concept used in "alternative" circles.  How could we, all humans and possibly even animals and plant, be part of a "oneness"?

Oneness has actually many meanings (I checked it out on Wikipedia) but the Oneness as Monad is what I am thinking.  The Monad was first used by Pythagoras and is the totality of all beings from which all originates.

So think about that: we are all connected, and it seems that even our thoughts weave a fabric that others can connect to.  

There is actually research showing that when people meditate overall crime rates diminish. When we meditate or probably even just think good thoughts, our environment changes too as the people around us respond to these "happy vibes". Amazing, right?

Another thing that I find very interesting is that several people may come up with the same invention at about the same time - without ever knowing about each other.  This is the concept of multiple discovery or simultaneous invention.

Maybe many people having similar goals or purposes can cause a tipping point in "oneness" to affect change in the world.

I find this research fascinating. I appreciate the sense of wonder that fills me when I discover the possibilities of oneness.  

Maybe it's time for all of us to send out some positive vibes, even about things that seem hopeless, with the certainty that they do make a difference.

Shine On!

~ Natascha