Foot Prints--How our bodies help us grieve


Grief is a basic human emotion. We all have lost someone we love, and the grief that encompasses us and causes us to feel such sadness and loss is really a cleansing for us. We grieve in different ways. Disbelief, anger, overwhelming sadness, guilt, and finally acceptance is something we have to process each time there is a loss. Sometimes it feels like this loss will never lessen, and we can never heal. A paraphrased saying is "Time heals all wounds". Allow yourself the time to process the events that are happening in your life.  

Our bodies are amazing at assisting us in this. Tears are a great cleanser, and relieve the pressure of sadness and overwhelming sorrow that seems to take over all our other senses. We may feel very tired, and that is the signal to rest, even though you may feel there is no time to rest. Your body knows what it needs. Sometimes thoughts are so scattered it becomes difficult to get through the days following a time of grief. Use that signal to just do things one day at a time. Maybe even one hour at a time. Our thoughts can process things easier if they are in smaller degrees.

Ever notice how you "wring your hands" when you are upset about something? It is a natural instinct to rub our hands together when we are sad or distressed. Use this time to get some calming lotion and just caress your hands and give permission for your body to return to a state of balance. Sometimes this is very difficult to do, but it is an important part of the process. 

Listen to your natural healing senses in your time of grief, and remember that life will bring joy again, in time. 

Happy Reflexing