Shine On - Body Talk


We are so used to quick results and "instant gratification", aren't we? When faced with illness or injury, we want to get better immediately.  We just want the pain or discomfort to disappear, so we can go on with our lives, be productive and get busy.  We just do not have time to be sidelined for awhile!

We might even get angry or frustrated with our body. After all, it's supposed to support us and help us perform our exercise or work or, at least, just run smoothly in the background. 

Fact is, our bodies are far more intelligent than we can ever comprehend with our analytical mind.  When our body talks to us, in terms of pain or discomfort, it has a message: something is not right, please listen!  So far, symptoms don't show up on an app on our iPhone, but if they would, we would probably pay more attention to our body.

There are natural rhythms everywhere in nature and so also our bodies follow times of activity, effort and then healing and restoration.  When we need to heal, we naturally feel tired so that we actually want to lie down.  When we get an elevated temperature, our body is activating its immune response.

As the winter season approaches, notice the signals your bodies is giving you constantly during the day: are you thirsty? do you feel tired? something doesn't feel right?  These are all signals to stop for a moment, listen and support your body in doing its job.

Honor your body, listen to your instincts, get fresh air and clean water and you can share your light with the world.

Shine On!

~ Natascha