Foot Prints----Just breathe!


We are in some very stressful times. It is practically impossible to ignore the media outpouring of stories on both sides of the political aisle. So what is the best way to get through the next few weeks?  

Just breathe! 

You can transform your stress into better health. Close your eyes and picture a place of peace. A beach, a forest, your backyard, whatever works. Focus your attention on this place, and breathe in for a count of 4 or 5, whatever feels comfortable. Breathe out for the same number of seconds. Every 2-3 breaths, try and increase the period of time for each inhalation and exhalation. As you are doing this exercise, which should be about 2 minutes in length, make an attempt to experience a feeling of gratitude or love.  

While you are doing this restorative breathing, use your Reflexology golf ball to gently access all the reflexes in the palms of your hands. This will help your adrenal glands become more balanced, and help with balance of the solar plexus area, which reduces stress.

We can keep our balance of good health during these times by spending some quality time with the most important person in your!

Happy Reflexing!