Foot Prints--Chakras and Reflexology


Ayurvedic Reflexology is another principle that can be used to promote better health. It is based on the system that believes prevention is a very important key to wellness. One aspect of Ayurvedic work is the incorporation of energy centers called chakras. Chakra is Sanskrit for the word "wheel". As the chakras are stimulated by certain motions of a Reflexologist's hands, the energy centers are opened and begin flowing more easily, creating better flow throughout the body.  

The  reflex points for the chakras are located along the spinal reflexes, on the inside of the foot. They begin at the root chakra, on the inside of the ankle area, which can deal with issues such as security, abundance and trust. A good Refllexologist will stimulate all the chakras as part of your sessions ,ending with the stimulation of the crown chakra, at the top of the big toe. This chakra deals with our personal sense of spirituality. 

Reflexology is energy bodywork. The currents that run through our bodies are stimulated by thumb and finger techniques designed to open the pathways throughout our bodies. As these currents begin to flow more easily, balance is restored to our bodies so we may enjoy better health.

As you use some lotion on your hands and gently massage all the outer aspects, you will be stimulating all the chakras to promote a better sense of well- being and flow. 

Happy Reflexing! 


 Photo courtesy of Susan Watson and Valerie Voner  "Practical Reflexology" 

Photo courtesy of Susan Watson and Valerie Voner

"Practical Reflexology"