Water is an essential part of our body. We like to say: "The Best Medicine Is Free".  Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, clean water, unprocessed food and exercise is what we all need more in our lives, isn't it?  Here is a short video telling you more about water and how much we need each day. PS: I forgot to mention the most important Vitamin of all...Vitamin L (for laughter) :-)

~ Natascha

Go With The Flow

I am having an interesting week. I am at a professional conference with over 2100 members. There was a big merger between several companies and this is the first time everyone has been together at one event.

I decided to make this event a social experiment for me. I am learning a method of Reflexology that helps someone let go of past traumas in order to achieve peace and balance in their current everyday life. The theory states, partially and to paraphrase, that if we all are happier within ourselves, letting go of the past, our interactions with others will improve, and the state of the world, as well as ourselves, will be in better balance and peace.

I know many of the members at this conference, and I watched the interactions between them. Some members are happy about the merger, and I know these people to be happy in their everyday lives as well. There are many who do not feel comfortable with these changes; "change is so hard" was a comment I heard more than once. I also know that some of these members are having difficulties with business or family. These people became very defensive when the merger was discussed, and I could feel them, and almost "see" them shrink into themselves whenever they were part of the conversation. So they either lashed out, or became very quiet. This flow of conversation would change with each sentence one or the other would say.

This is a natural flow of energy, and not always a healthy one.  We all need to strive to have better balance in our lives so we can function better with others, make our point known without shame or discomfort, and be a willing participant in all the twists and turns life has to offer.

It is well known that Reflexology helps put the body back into a natural balance. I wish I could have lined all these people up and given them a nice Reflexology session. I bet the energy in the room would have been much different!

If ever you feel like you want to express yourself more effectively, please take a few minutes to give yourself a nice Hand Reflexology session, even for just a few minutes, to relax and get into better balance.

Happy Reflexing

Foot Prints - Where There's Smoke....


If you are like most people, you probably tend to measure your level of health by whether or not you are sick. If you have obvious symptoms, you consider yourself unhealthy. Once those symptoms are gone, you feel "healthy" again.

That is not always the case. Symptoms are not meant to be a barometer of health. When a roast burns in the oven, you don't smell the smoke until after the meat has been charred. In other words, the illness occurred first, and the damage is starting to be done even before symptoms occur. Making the symptoms go away, like opening the window to let the smoke out, does not make the damage to the roast any less.

Also, the way you feel might change from day to day, but your underlying level of health is pretty stable. So it is not really correct to think you can go from healthy to unhealthy and back again in just a very short period of time.

Health should not be defined as "sick" or "not sick". Health is a state of optimum physical functioning, spiritual contentment, social well-being and mental aptitude.

Your body was designed to be healthy and in balance. This is its natural state . If you are struggling with your health, you most likely, throughout the course of living, allowed your body to get out of balance. Regular Reflexology sessions work with your body to return it to its natural state of balance so it can heal from the inside out.

Happy Reflexing for Better Health!

Foot Prints - Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month. As if we need a whole month to remind us about stress. No thanks. But stress creeps into our lives all the time, and we have to be able to use our coping mechanisms to be sure we remain happy and stable and balanced.

Some stress can be wonderful! Planning for an exciting vacation, or planning on a new addition to the family, or a change in a job that you have been wanting, can all trigger stress hormones , even though it is for a really good reason.

Some stress can be "after the fact". Sometimes we have a death in the family or other serious tragedy, and we get through the crisis ok, only to "fall apart" afterwards. This delayed stress response is very common, and our coping mechanisms can still be used, even though we are not in the middle of the crisis.

Have you noticed how some people "wring their hands" when they get nervous? This is a very natural method of stress relief. The fingers of one hand are pressing and stimulating nature's relaxing reflex points on the other hand. As one hand rolls inside the other, knuckles are pressing into the Reflex points to the solar plexus and other reflexes, relaxing the whole body.

Deep, relaxed breathing is one of the most important skills in managing stress. Take a few, slow deep breaths to relax your breathing and calm yourself. Think happy thoughts, and soon your mind will be at rest. This really works!

Whatever coping skills you use, know that it is all very helpful in bringing about lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, better digestion and better sleep.

Deep breaths, happy thoughts, and Happy Reflexing!

A Question of Balance

Every day we try to establish a balance in our lives.  A certain amount of time is allotted to work, exercise, household duties, and socializing with family and friends. We also balance our finances, being careful to keep our spending in line with our earnings. Our medications and supplements are taken every day to balance the chemical responses in our bodies to maintain good health.

Reflexology is an excellent way to maintain balance. A very important part of a Reflexology session is the balancing of the energies that flow through our bodies. Whenever we feel things are not quite "right with the world", it would be very helpful to have a nice Reflexology session. The action of the reflexes being pressed upon bring about a sense of calm and relaxation, which in turn balance the mind, body and spirit. If a Foot Reflexology session is not practical at the moment, take a few minutes to enjoy a Hand Reflexology session with some nice lotion. Take 5 minutes to pamper yourself and think about the balance of your life. What is going well, and what can be done better? A few minutes every day can really help answer the Question of Balance.

Thanks to Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues for the phrase, and Happy Reflexing!

Restful Sleep

I saw a funny post on Facebook the other day. To Paraphrase:

                Remember when you would go to sleep at night and get a really good
                restful sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day?

                Me neither.

It is becoming more and more difficult for us to get the sleep we need to refresh and rejuvenate our bodies. As we get older, we do not produce enough melatonin which is so important to induce restful sleep. And we know that sleep aids, while helpful in keeping us asleep, do not give the natural, restful sleep our bodies need to repair and rejuvenate.

Here are some common sense suggestions to try and get better sleep:

  •  Try to go to sleep at about the same time every night. 9-10 PM is a great sleep time. Studies show that an hour of sleep from 9 PM-midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep after midnight.
  •  Turn off all screens about an hour before bedtime. The light emitting from the screen is too stimulating for us as we try to relax.
  • Sleep in a darkened room that is sufficiently cool.
  • Have a protein snack about 45 minutes before bedtime. Peanut butter or some cheese is a good choice.

A Hand Reflexology tip:

        FIrst, rub your hands with some nice soothing lotion, possibly containing some
        lavender. Interlace your fingers together at the base of the fingers. Slowly move your
        fingers towards the tips, pressing gently as you do so. Use this pressing
        technique up and down the fingers for 2-3 minutes. This activates the reflexes for
        sleep and will promote wonderful relaxation.

Nitey-Nite, and Happy Reflexing!

FAQs At Red Mountain Acupuncture


We have so many tools in our toolbox to help our patients achieve their health care goals. But what exactly are some of these tools and how do they work? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers, to help understand what we do here at Red Mountain Acupuncture!

1. What is Acupuncture?
        Acupuncture is an integrated health care system with the goal of activating the natural, self-healing abilities of the body. It can also strengthen and support the body to prevent future illness and disease.

2. Do Acupuncture needles hurt?
        Acupuncture needles are about the size of a cat's whisker and they are very flexible. At worst, some people feel a slight pricking sensation. The needles are inserted at various areas of the body to open up the energy channels that promote healing.

3. I want to feel better, but I am really nervous about needles. What else can be done?
        We have a device that will stimulate Acupuncture points without having to use any needles. This has been very effective for patients who have an acute pain in a certain area of the body, and cannot tolerate the insertion of needles, for whatever reason.

4. Why should I getFoot Reflexology?
        Foot Reflexology is a gentle pressure-point therapy that is done to reduce stress and inflammation all over the body. When used in conjunction with Acupuncture it helps speed healing and has a very calming effect.

5. Are there different types of Massage?
        A good Massage Therapist will listen to the individual needs of her patient and design a session that is best for particular health care needs. There are various types of massage and all are very beneficial.

6. I wish I could get some good nutritional advice. How do I know what vitamins to take?
        There are simple, non-invasive tests that can be done to determine where there are nutritional deficiencies so a plan for supplements can be outlined on an individual basis. This is very effective, and takes the guesswork out of vitamins and minerals.

7. I hear so much about anti-aging. It gets confusing. Is there someone there I can talk to?
        There are many methods to help us look and feel more radiant and younger-looking. We have many protocols to help achieve fresher skin while promoting overall health and vitality.

Hopefully this has answered some basic questions and will offer some insight as to all the assistance that can be provided,  so you can be the best you can be!

What is Light Therapy?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.  The energy is used to improve cellular performance.  Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields.  

Research has shown that phototherapy can:

  • increase circulation
  • accelerate tissue repair
  • decrease wrinkles
  • decrease inflammation,
  • improve skin tone, texture and clarity,
  • ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis and
  • kill acne bacteria,
  • and much more.

We now are using Light Therapy at Red Mountain Acupuncture with amazing results!

Call us at 480-331-2246 for more information on this valuable tool for better health!

Foot Prints- Time For Touch



iPhones, iPads, tablets. We have forgotten how to spend time with others because of the "wonders" of technology. Someone asked "What is the greatest and the worst innovations of your lifetime?" I answered "the smartphone" to both queries. How wonderful to be able to connect with anyone on the planet in just moments, and have so much information at our fingertips, and yet we are always looking down at this device, and NOT connecting with those right around us.

This is one of the many reasons why Reflexology is so great. Reflexologists touch people  on so many levels; physically touching with our hands, mentally touching by having conversations that stimulate thought, and spiritually touching by providing a safe and trusting environment.

With the application of touch to the reflexes located in the feet and hands, messages are sent to the brain and elicit a physical response. Other messages are also communicated to our patients through our tactile skills, our attitude, and our intention.

Touch helps heal. Our patients have an opportunity to feel safe, secure, and healthier. These feelings can develop into newer ways of coping and approaching this world. It is the nurturing aspect of human touch that we all need.

Happy Reflexing!

Foot Prints---"'Tis the Season!"


Here in the desert southwest we are fortunate enough to have springtime already! The flowers are blooming and the trees are nice and green. The scent of freshly mown grass is in the air, and smells so good!

The temptation is to open all the windows, get rid of the winter "air" and get some fresh air through the house. Unfortunately, with spring comes wind and allergens floating all around us. Then the inevitable red, itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat make their springtime appearance as well.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, our livers become more active, and can be off-balance. This can cause anger, irritability, insomnia and dizziness.

A couple of quick tips for assistance through this season...

****Shower or bathe more frequently to get the pollens and allergens off your body.
****Wash clothing more frequently for the same reason.
****Every morning, drink about 6 ounces of warm water with the juice of half a lemon added. This is a great liver cleanse and will help get rid of build-ups inside your body.
****The reflexes to the sinus areas and head are to be found in the fingers. Gently massage all the fingers and thumb areas for about 3-4 minutes a day. This will help drain the sinus areas and help cleanse the nose and throat.

Enjoy spring, whenever it comes your way, and Happy Reflexing!

Foot Prints - Reflexology at the office


Sometimes the work day seems endless. Too much work to do, and not enough time in the day to do it. Using some simple hand Reflexology techniques can hep improve your sense of well-being and your ability to cope with work. Your energy levels will be boosted, and your ability to deal with everyday work stresses will improve. Plus, it feels great as a pick-me-up for tired hands!

Clasp the fingers of one hand with the other hand and squeeze firmly, several times.

Interlace your fingers with a golf ball between your palms. Roll the golf ball around the palm area, to stimulate good digestion and improve energy levels.

To promote relaxation, gently press in the center of each palm, which is the reflex area for the solar plexus. Also press the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. This reduces the chances of getting a headache from computer screens.

Another great reflex area for the head is the center of the ball of the thumb. Use your fingertip to press and release this area several times.

Stress contributes to many physical disorders, including repetitive movements of the hands. Keep a golf ball handy in your desk drawer. Use it to run through some of the techniques above, or just gently massage your palms and the backside of your hands with some nice lotion. Just a few minutes makes a big difference!

Happy Reflexing!

~ Ellie

Gun Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Fire Rooster is powerful - and one in which first impressions will really count. Make your impressions positive by being clear in your intentions, thoughtful of your appearance, and by following proven paths to success.  Now is not the time for risky ventures.

Those who emulate the Fire Rooster's loyalty, hard work and commitment will be rewarded!

Foot Prints - Reflexology and Addiction


Sometimes, in order to face the daily stresses and complications we all encounter, we turn to comfort where we can find it. Alcohol, smoking, binge eating, and so on, can provide immediate comfort, but can lead to worse problems later on.

Reflexology provides a safe and positive alternative to addictions. A Reflexology session can dissolve tension and replace it with a deep relaxation, and a calm, soothing feeling. As our body relaxes during a session, natural healing processes can begin. Reflexology methods are used to help recover from hangovers and headaches, as well as calm the frustration and tension of withdrawal symptoms.

One way we can help ourselves during periods of stress is to do some self-Reflexology on our own ears. Start at the top of the ear, working the area with thumb and forefinger for about 2 minutes. Then begin to work down the ear in very small increments, spending 1-2 minutes on each area. Within 10 minutes you should feel a calming and relaxing feeling come over you. Enjoy it!

This relaxation technique can be repeated as often as you would like.

There is hope. Happy Reflexing!

~ Ellie  

Foot Prints- Why Do I Do This?

Foot Prints-Why do I do this?

I have that question posed to me very frequently. Why do I want to touch people's feet? What can that do to make that person feel better?

Reflexology feels very good, but it is much more than a foot massage. It is wonderful for preventive care, or used in response to health challenges. Reflexology supports balance and comfort and healing.

Our bodies are amazing at being able to adapt to physical, mental and emotional challenges continuously. All our systems work together to create the adjustments needed for better health. Reflexology helps these systems be at their top performance.

My past career in Nursing helps me to "listen" to what my clients are telling me, either verbally or by touching their feet to feel where the reflexes are out of balance. "The feet don't lie" is a common Reflexologist's comment, and feeling the reflexes of the feet give us the best indication of what is out of balance and the best way to correct it.

Get some Reflexology soon. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Reflexing!



Foot Prints - Touch


Touch is a silent language; one of connecting with one another. It is such a powerful message, and is taken for granted sometimes.

There are emotions and intentions involved with touch. Love can be communicated, also empathy and tenderness.

Touch is our first language. Infants are influenced by touch from mother and father and family. As we all grow and mature, touch remains important so that we feel we are acknowledged and recognized.

When therapists touch their clients, there is an implied trust between the two. Therapists are trained to touch  clients in a manner that is suitable to their particular profession, to afford the best results. A good therapist is honed in on her client, to "hear" what the body needs through the message of touch.

Touch is innately healing to human beings. It is an important way to know we belong. Touch is therapeutic and has the potential to nourish our bodies and souls.

Happy Reflexology Touches!