Access Your Body's Own Healing Power

Personalized Solutions:

Every BODY and everybody's health and disease story is different and unique. Thankfully, our bodies do respond to the common laws of physics and chemistry and imbalances can be corrected through those principles.

During your initial intake with Natascha Hebell-Fernando, licensed acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner, a detailed health history will be established.

Based on your readiness, a plan of action will be established to restore your body's natural healing abilities.

The plan of action can include acupuncture, foot reflexology, massage and/or low level light therapy. Most definitely, your plan will include some nutritional support because our food cannot provide the nutrients needed for our bodies to function optimally in our current environment (think environmental toxins, from pesticides to car exhaust to preservatives in food and personal care products).

Each session is individualized to your specific pattern of imbalances and each nutritional supplement is chosen based on your body's need. We provide a rich database of videos where you can learn more about the specific supplements that you are taking.

What to expect:

Expect to heal, from the inside out.  It is a physical, emotional and sometime even spiritual journey. Together, as a health care team, we set agreements and the intention while we hold the space for you. It is our highest purpose to help you see, realize and live your unique and special place in this world.

We guide you towards recognizing and activating your own healing potential. Our goal is to help you attain sustainable health: you are unique, the world needs you and waits for you to shine your light.

How it works:

We can assess exactly what your body needs to restore proper flow in your neuro-endocrine, gut and filtration system. These are 3 interdependent systems and once they are flowing and communicating, your body knows how to heal. We rely on Hair Tissue Analysis and various nutritional tests to determine your body's nutritional and therapeutic needs.


How you participate:

For your body to heal, it needs help in the form of modalities that activate the body's innate healing potential, such as acupuncture, reflexology, light therapy, nutritional, herbal, other vibrational remedies.

Each treatments builds on the next and a consistent approach is key to achieving a positive change to any condition.

In addition, it is helpful to learn again how to feel your body and "go with your gut feeling". Connect with nature and with your inner voice and learn to listen what your body needs.

A different perspective:

DID YOU KNOW? The objects surrounding you and the person standing next to you are mostly empty space. We are approximately 7% mass and 93% energy! 

Consider this: every object around us is made of atoms. And atoms aren't solid blocks: each atom has a tiny core (a core one billionth the volume of the whole) which contains most of the atom's mass.  This core is surrounded by clouds of electrons that have very little mass.  And our bodies are made of organs, which are made of cells, cells are made out of organelles, which are made out of molecules and ultimately, out of atoms.